Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kmart Doubles - Day 4

I made it back to Kmart because I wanted to score on the great deodorant deal... but it looks like you all beat me to it! So I decided to stock up on Christmas gifts :)

Here's what we did get:

Transaction 1: me

Trio Building Set - $17.29
Trio Building Set - $14.99
Axe Body Wash (3) - $12.87
HIP Lip Jelly (2) B1G1 - $8.49
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel - $7.00

Total $61.34

Store Discounts:
(2) $5 off on Trio toys - $10
(1) $5/$20 Toy Coupon -$5

(2) $5 off on Trio Sets - $10
(3) $1.50 Axe - $9.00
(2) $2 HIP products - $8
(2) $2 Scrubbing Bubbles - $8

I paid $12.34 (plus tax)
* I tried using a $5/$50 coupon but it wouldn't register for me for some reason - That would have made my total only $7.34!!!

I got back ONE Movie Ticket so now my hubby and I can go out for a movie!!!

Transaction 2: my hubby

Trio Building Set (2) - $25.98
Scott Paper Towels (4) - $7.96
Olay Body Wash - $6.49
Huggies Flushable Wipes (2) - $3.98

Total $50.90

Store Discounts:
(2) $5 off on Trio toys - $10
(1) $5/$20 Toy Coupon -$5

(2) $5 off on Trio Sets - $10
(4) $2 Scott Paper Towels - $8.00
(1) $2 Olay Body Wash - $4
(1) $2/2 Huggies Flushable Wipes - $4

I paid $9.96 (plus tax)

So Day 4 ended up costing us $22.30
Pretty good considering it would normally cost me $25.98 for two of those building sets! I'm stocked up on boy gifts for Christmas AND I've got another movie ticket for date night!

*All the coupon matches for these deals are on the printable list NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Amy has done two more deal ideas for all you moms who need to stock up on diapers! Go HERE to see how to make the deals work.

What deals have you been getting today?
Leave a comment with your deals, if you have a blog of your own leave a link!


  1. Hello and a HUGE THANK YOU to you for all of your incredible research and sharing of such incredible deals and ways to help obtain more bang for our budgetary buck. I just happened upon your blog site this week and what a great week to have done so!
    You may already know this yet I'd like give back by sharing what little info I have come across at this time:
    RE Using the K-Mart $5 off a $50 purchase coupon: I don't believe you can use this coupon in any purchase that includes a Buy One Get One offer(B1G1). I tried and it wouldnt work and I researched afterwords to find K-Mart policy says it cannot be redeemed on any such offers. It appears your lip gloss was such a B1G1.
    And a very HUGE find I stumbled on is with Regards to the AXE MOVIE CASH redeemable for a Free Movie Ticket through :
    I receive numerous free and paid for magazine subscriptions each month and a number of which are Men's magazines. In several of the August 2009 issues of these magazines, I happened to find a Full Page Ad from AXE and at the bottom of that Ad Page is a small tear out coupon redeemable for 1 FREE AXE Shampoo or Conditioner of your choice, up to a $ 5.49 value.
    I found 3 of these coupons in my home delivered magazines and redeemed all 3 last night at my local K-Mart. I only paid the tax for the 3 AXE Shampoos, AND also received the Catalina AXE MOVIE CASH coupon good for one Free Movie.
    There may be more Men's Magazines with such coupons, yet the one's I have found so far are all August issues and include these titles:

    Magazine Name Coupon of Page #
    Details 49
    GQ 51
    ESPN 67
    Maxim 21
    Men's Fitness 61
    Esquire ( Sorry, I forgot which page )

    If you don't get these magazines but happen to be in the waiting room of your Doctor or Dentist or Chiropractor or other business/facility you have dealings with, like I was this afternoon, I happened to notice my Chiropractor had a couple of these magazines in his waiting room and after asking his great receptionist if it was okay, I came home with 3 more coupons from those magazines and plan to go back to KMart by tomorrow to get 3 more AXE shampoos or conditioners and one more Free Movie Cash coupon.
    Since I don't have use for so many of these AXE shampoo products, I am taking them down to my local homeless shelter Friday as they greatly need and welcome all personal care products that will be put to great use by the many displaced and homeless people in our community. And my keeper will be one more Free Movie coupon to be enjoyed up to November 2009.
    That's all the info I happened upon and hope it helps.
    Thank you again so very much!

  2. I my goodness!!! I am totally going through all my husbands magazines tonight! Thanks for that tip!!!

    - Angela