Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where do I find coupons???

Here is a list of places you can print coupons from:

I will keep adding more as I find them!

Prints both Store Coupons & Manufacture Coupons:

All of these stores will stack Store Coupons with Manufacture Coupons!

Friday, June 4, 2010

UPDATED:$2 Reach Coupon!!!

Okay well that SALE I was telling you to wait for... well it's already here!

Walgreens has Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrush for .99 cents
So print up two coupons and get FOUR (4) Free Toothbrushes!!!
*this sale price is only good thru Saturday (tomorrow) so head on over -

(these coupons expire 8/10 so if you can't make it, there will be another sale before then I am sure)

Print this and hang onto it... this will mean FREE toothbrushes with the right sale!!!

If you have more than one computer print this coupon on all of them - this is the kind of thing you want to be able to stock up on when they are FREE.

*Note: You never want to have to spend money on the following:

Spend Very Little on/or sometimes Free:
Body Wash
Shampoo & Conditioner

UPDATED:: $1.00 off Cheez-It

Cheez-It is on Facebook just posted that they were so excited about the response they are getting about their coupon that they are extending this coupon offer through the weekend. So hurry and print your coupons!!!

Cheez-It is on Facebook - "Like" them, follow their link and print up TWO (2) $1.00 coupons

Hurry... this coupon is only available TODAY

And then hold onto these and wait for a good sale!

Safeway - Buy 8 Save $4 Event

You don't want to miss out on this, there are some great deals out there to help you stay WITHIN the LIMITS of your budget and still have the BEST!!!

Here are a few that I am going to make sure I get:

Girard’s Salad Dressing $2.49

Use $2/1 Girard's Salad Dressing Coupon

Final Price: .49

**** Time to STOCK UP!!!! ****

My husband LOVES the Champagne Dressing! So if you aren't going to buy this, pass those coupons on over to me! I will build new shelves in the garage if I have to, to stock up and store this dressing!

Crystal Light $1.49

Use $1/1 Crystal Light Coupon

Final Price: .49

Cheerios $1.49

Use $1/2 - General Mills Cereal (

$0.55/1 - Cheerios, Original (

$0.55/1 - Cheerios, Original (

$0.55/1 - Cheerios, Original (

$0.55/1 - Cheerios, Original (

OR - Register for:

$1.00/1 - Cheerios, Original (

*this coupon will be emailed to you within a few days of registering, so do it NOW!

and Use .55/1 coupon

Final Price: .49 to as low as FREE!

Trix Cereal $1.49

Use .55/1 Coupon

and use $1.00 coupon (in 5/30 paper)

Final Price: Free

Cheetos or Fritos $1.49
$1.00/1 Cheetos Mighty Zingers from SS 5/9
Final Price: $0.49

GM Honey Nut Cheerios, 12.25 oz $1.99
Final Price: $0.89

Buy Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters $1.99
Final Price: Free
*Remember - this you can only do ONCE per card, you can have two cards per household. My husband and I both have cards, I might have to use my mother in laws card as well so I can stock up on these!

Sun-Rype 100% Fruitsource Mini Bites Tropical, 6 Oz $2.49
Final Price: $0.99 - I am so excited about these!!!

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.39
Final Price: $0.89 each, when you buy 2

So that is just a few of the very many items you can purchase during the Buy 8 Save $4 event at Safeway. A few things to remember, you must buy at least 8 participating items, and there are no limits to how many you can purchase in one transaction.

For even more match-ups visit The Krazy Coupon Lady

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FREE Yoga Classes coming soon!

I want to give everyone a "Heads-Up" on this one!

One week of FREE Yoga classes!!!

September is National Yoga Month and participating studios are offering a Free week of classes. Go to HERE and you can search locations near you and also sign up for their emails. (I am on their email list, you don't get lots of junk don't worry. But it's great because they will remind you when September is getting close!)

This is a great way to get some exercise, relax, do something new & the best part.... it's FREE!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I coupon you ask....

THIS is why I coupon....

Walgreens trip:
(2) Complete Multi-Purpose Solution - $7.99 ea
(5) Dove Deodorant - $3.50 ea
(2) Huggies Little Swimmers - $6.99 ea
(4) Hunts Tomato Sauce - $0.25 ea
(1) Colgate Toothpaste - $2.99
(1) Ouchless Hair Clips - $2.99
(2) candy - $0.99 ea

I paid: $12 something
*and I am selling the eye stuff for $5, so really I only paid $7 for all of this!

YoPlus - $1.50 ea
Sara Lee Hamburger Buns - $1.77
Noxema Razors - $1.99

I paid: $2.50


Total before coupons - $75 or more
After coupons - $10.98
Paid with catalinas from the week before $10 ($6 of which was profit)

I Paid: $0.98!!!
My receipt said that I had a savings of 103%

**** I did this transaction TWICE ****
Vincent and I both have Safeway Club Cards
SO I have:
(2) Tide Stain Release - paid only $1.99 for both
(10) Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs - paid only .98 for ALL
(4) Old Spice Body Wash & (4) Old Spice Deodorant - Paid $2.96 for all

(3) Nivea Body Wash - $3.99 ea
(4) Dove Deodorant - $3.47 ea
(2) Jergens Lotion - $1.99 ea
(2) Nexcare Bandaids - $1.57 ea

Paid $3.02

So for everything you see here... I paid about $14.00
I'd say it's time well spent!

And I didn't even show you my CVS trip
(I bought 4 body washes and I walked out with $8... yes, I MADE $8)