Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole Foods Shopping Trip

My last stop was Whole Foods to stock up on Mac & Cheese!

This is what I got:

Back to Nature Mac & Cheese - $1.00 (9)
- used (9) $1 coupons from August Whole Deal = 9 boxes FREE

Annie Chun's Teriyaki Noodle Bowl - $2.19
- Used $1 coupon from Whole Deal
- Used $1 coupon from HERE = .19

*we have never tried this product before, but I figured for .19 it was worth trying it and I thought they looked good. My husband took it for lunch the other day and liked it... so we may have to stock up!

My total was $13 something and I paid .19 cents!!!

At my store in Roseville the sale on Back to Nature Mac n' Cheese runs through 9/1/09 - so you have some time to score this deal!

Go HERE to see all the Whole Foods deals

Okay... So now for my Grand Total for grocery shopping this week:

Safeway $24.00 (stocked up on meat & cereal)
Raley's $36.14 (stocked up on bread & jelly and got the essentials)
CVS $ .43 (stocked up on drinks)
Whole Foods $ .19 (stocked up on mac n' cheese)
TOTAL: $60.76

What I got back:
Safeway $2 off cereal catalina
Raley's Will submit rebate for FREE YoPlus Yogurt
Whole Foods - Grabbed another Whole Deal full of coupons!

Pretty darn good if you ask me!

CVS - Cheap Coca Cola!

My husband LOVES Coca Cola so I knew that I couldn't miss out on this deal!

Coca Cola 12-pks -4/$13
- Used (4) $2 off coupons = $5
YIKES! CRV = $2.40

Snickers (2) - 2/$1
- Used $1/2 coupon = Free

TWIX (4) - 2/$1
- Used (2) $1/2 coupon = Free

Cotton Squares (2) - $2.99
They were packaged together... 100% more Free!

CVS Asprin 3-pk - $5.29
- Used FREE item coupon from CVS = FREE
*actually I noticed just now that they only took $3.96 off, so I need to go back and get $1.33 back!

My Total was $26.68
- Used $5/$25 purchase (from taking an online test at about ready fill)
- Used coupons noted above
New total = $6.99 (before tax)
- Used $7.96 ECB from last week!
OOP = .43 (for taxes not covered)
AND I need to go get back $1.33 they didn't take off my receipt!

So after everything was said and done... My Grand Total was $6.09 that I owed!

OH YEAH and I got back $3 ECB for the Coca Cola I bought!

Raley's Shopping Trip

Raley's is where I did most of my shopping this week... here's what I did:

Earth Grains Bread (3)
- Used (3) .55 coupons = $1.95 each

Mary Ellen Jams (3)
- Used (3) .75 coupons - $1.75 each

Fillippo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2)
- Used (2) $1 coupons from HERE = $2.99 each
Sourdough Baguettes from bakery (2) FREE

Poppy Cellars Wine - $2.99

Activia Yogurt (3)
- Used (3) $1 coupons = $1 each
I will send in the rebate for a FREE YoPlus Yogurt too!

Cantelope (2)
.10/lb = .97 for both!
*this deal ends today

Bananas - .79/lb = $3.88

Iceburg Lettuce - .57

White Onions (2) - .9/lb = $1.49

Jalapeno Pepper (1) - they didnt ring it up... FREE

Ginger (1) - they didn't ring it up... FREE

Red Bell Field Peppers (2) - $2.49/lb = $2.74
*these are a little different than regular bell peppers, but taste good and are cheaper!

My Grand Total after coupons was $36.14
My Grand Total in savings: $40.30 (56%)


Reg. $1.59 - Sale: .79 each!
Bush Black Beans (2)
Bush Kidney Beans (2)

I am taking them back today because...
when I was in Safeway I found the MDA pamphlet full of coupons (they were at the register under the little counter where you can write your checks)
I FOUND: $1 off 5 cans of Bush beans, this means I will buy 5 cans at .59 each. I will be saving $1 per can, the Raley's sale is through 8/18.

We eat ALOT of black beans & kidney beans in salads, burritos, chili etc, so finding a good deal is VERY exciting to me!

Safeway Trip

Here is my Safeway shopping trip.... I was so happy that they had a good sale on meats, we needed to re-stock!

Chicken Breasts .99/lb x 10 lbs = $9.90

Pork Roast .99/lb x 7 lbs = $6.93
*these are packaged as one HUGE piece of meat!
TIP: Ask someone in the meat department to cut the meat into smaller portions if you need them that way. I've done this at Safeway and at Raley's I had them cut a bone out of a roast!

Mission Tortilla Chips - $1.88

Cheerios (4) - 4/$6
Will use (4) $1 coupons from HERE to make it 4/$2 (.50 each)

*My Safeway isn't taking internet printable coupons for a week because they have been receiving so many fraudulent coupons! My cashier wrote a note on my receipt that I have coupons for my Cheerios and next week I have to bring in my receipt and coupons and they will reimburse me.
Has anyone else come across this in their stores?

I paid $24 and will get back $4 next week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Coupon Exchange

I wanted to introduce you to The Coupon Exchange, a Free online coupon exchange site.

- Do you only use half the coupons in the inserts each week?
- Do you feel bad throwing away all those great coupons you just won't use?
- Do you wish that you could get more of one coupon without having to PAY for them!?

I know that I can say yes to all of the above!

The Coupon Exchange has come up with the solution! After registering you start submitting your coupons, it's that easy.
Once you have your coupons entered, you can start "shopping" the other coupons posted. When you find one you like you comment on it and that Coupon Holder ships it to you!

It's so easy! And the greatest part... it's FREE!

What's the catch? It's an exchange... so if you want coupons you have to share coupons... but hey it's a fair trade.

One of my favorite features is LOOKING FOR.... you can post a coupon that you are looking for and everyone helps you find it!

Check it out for yourself at The Coupon Exchange


Happy Exchanging!

Save up to $10 on KRAFT cheese!!!

I was looking online and found these coupons hiding in the corner...

Raley's & Kraft are offering their customers the following store e-coupons:

*NOTE: All of these coupons were in a recent Sunday insert, so you can stack them!!!

$1.00/2 - packages of KRAFT Singles

$1.00/2 - packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

$1.00/2 - packages of KRAFT, Cracker Barrel or Polly-O Natural Cheese

$1.00/2 - packages of Knudsen Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream

$1.00/1 - package of Velveeta

So remember... stack with manufacture coupons to make these $2/2 and $2/1 savings!!!

Go HERE to get your coupons - They are good thru 9.15.09 so we have time to spot the right deal!

Go HERE to see the rest of the Raley's Deals

Raley's SPEACIAL- Friday & Saturday ONLY!

NEW e-coupons good for Friday & Saturday ONLY!
* all these coupons are LIMIT 2

Home Pride Bread - $1.69

Pepperidge Farms Cookies - $1.88
- Classic, Soft Baked or Granola varieties

18-pack Budweiser OR Michelob Ultra - $9.99
(12 oz cans or bottles)

Go HERE to print your Special e-coupons
Go HERE to print the other e-coupons

***And don't miss the other great 2 Day Special....

Cantelope - .10/lb

All other Raley's Deals can be found HERE

Moisturizing Salt Glow & Coupon Books Giveaway!!!

I had just a few coupon books left over from my last giveaway and I wanted to make sure I got them into your hands so I decided to do another giveaway... but this time I decided to "sweeten" the deal!

I am giving away ONE Sensaria Natural Body Care Moisturizing Salt Glow & FIVE Mambo Sprouts Coupon Books!!!

Sensaria Natural Body Care promotes nurturing rituals with naturally-based products formulated to enhance health, wholeness and individual beauty. They empower women to build successful businesses while living balanced lives! AND their products are AMAZING!!!

Mambo Sprouts is your one stop resource for healthy and organic living. Featuring natural health tips, printable organic coupons and MUCH more!
These coupons books are filled with great natural & organic products that you can use anywhere! They are great for stacking at Whole Foods!

How to Enter:

1. Become a FAN on Facebook HERE & do a post about Living within the Limits, come back and leave a comment that you did so.

2. Grab my button and place on your page, come back and comment that you did so.

3. Do a blog post about this giveaway with a Link Back to here, come back and comment that you did so with a link to the post.

4. Leave a Comment about why YOU need some pampering with a naturally based sea salt scrub!

5. Subscribe to Living within the Limits and come back here and comment that you did so.

* ONE very lucky winner will receive the Mango Moisturizing Salt Glow & one Mango Sprouts Coupon book!
** TWO winners will receive TWO Mango Sprouts Coupons books each.

Moisturizing Salt Glow & Coupon Book Giveway
August 14th - August 20th

The winners will be announced Friday August 21st

Good Luck!!

Freebie Fridays!!!

Freebie Friday for August 14, 2009

FREE Burts Bees Acne Solution HERE

FREE Organic Spa Magazine HERE

FREE sample of Honey Nut Cheerios & $1 off coupon HERE

FREE $10 Order from Schwans HERE
* We ordered the Chicken Pot Pies... they are sooo good! It's delivered right to your door. They will put you on their route and stop by every two weeks to see if you want anything... I told the guy I'd rather just call when we want to order something & he gave me his information, simple!

FREE Calendar & $20 in coupons HERE

FREE YoPlus Yogurt HERE
*This is actually a rebate: Buy one Activia yogurt and send in this rebate and you will get a coupon for a FREE YoPlus!

Coupon Clippin Mama has a great list of Freebies you can get on your birthday!
See the list HERE

FREE Chocolate Fridays HERE

FREE Waxing @ European Wax Center
*mention Angela Porras referred you - I'll get a $10 credit towards my next appointment.
Then YOU can send a friend and they can do the same for you!
Find your location HERE

FREE Wing Stop
Text: wingstopant To: 95613
* You should receive text messages with food offers. Let me know if you get anything good!

::And:: Don't forget....

Kmart Doubles start 8/16 - there are lots of FREEBIES to be had! So check it out HERE! If you have any questions let me know, I'd love to help!

Let me know if you find any other great Freebies out there!

Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Safeway Deals 8/12 - 8/18

::Deals for August 12 - 18th::

It's time to stock up on meat :)

Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs or Pork Shoulder Roast - .99/lb

Foster Farms Split Chicken Breasts - .99/lb

Fresh Red Ripe Tomatoes - .77/lb

Blue Berries 2.5 lb - $4.99

Clementine Mandarins, 5 lbs - $6.99

Fresh Express Salads - B1G1 Free

Sweet Onions - $1/lb

Lucerne Yogurts - Buy 3 Get 3 Free = .75 each wyb 6

Barillia Pasta - .99

Mission Tortilla Chips - $1.88

Ritz Crackers B1G1 Free - Save up to $4.29 on two

2-Liter Coca Cola - .99 each wyb 4 = $3.96

*limit 1*

Nature Valley Granola Bars - 4/$6
- Use (4) .40 coupons from HERE
- load .40 coupons from HERE and HERE to you Club Card = $1.10 each wyb 4

Cheerios - 4/$6
- Use (2) $1/2 coupons from HERE = $1.00 each wyb 4

Kraft Mac N' Cheese - .59

Del Monte Fruit Cups - $1.49

Welches Juice Cocktail - $1.99
- Use $1.00 coupon from HERE = .99

Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner - $2.49
- Use FREE Styler coupon from 7/26 RP = $2.49 for both!

Duracell Batteries - $2.00
- Use .50 coupon from 7/12 RP = $1.50

View the full ad HERE

::Safeway E-Coupons::

Go HERE to print your coupons

$3.00 off a $10.00 Floral purchase - I always love having flowers around!

$1.00 off Safeway Select Artisian Dinner Breads

$1.00 off Deli Counter American Cheese

And don't forget your Digital Coupons HERE - these coupons you can load directly to your Safeway Club Card and can be stacked with manufacture coupons!

Kmart Doubles Shopping List!

Kmart Doubles in August 16 - 22nd are you ready?

Well I am excited to bring to you, our first ever printable shopping list for Kmart Doubles Week!!!

*Click picture to open list*

Amy (Coupon Clippin Mama) and I have been working tirelessly to put this together for you, we hope it makes everyone's shopping trips easier.

The list is easy to understand. We have made categories (Baby, Food, Health & Beauty, Etc.) we have also color coded to find deals even easier!
Red: Free items
Blue: items under $1.00
Green: everything else
*Pleas keep in mind that some prices will vary by region, but they should be very close!

We will be updating the list throughout the week, so make sure and check back often. If we add any new items they will be marked NEW by them so that they are easy for you to find.
If you find anything that is incorrect on the list or if you find a product that is not yet on the list please contact us so that we can update it! Contact me, HERE or Amy, HERE.
TIP: You can bookmark the list, so that you don't actually have to print it until you head out shopping, especially because we will be updating it as we find more deals throughout the week!

Feel free to print and share this list with your friends. If you would like to share this list on your blog or website, all we ask for is a link back to us.

Also, make sure to stop back in often as we will sharing different deals & scenarios throughout the week. And as always, I'd love to see the deals that YOU are finding, so email me your shopping trips and I will showcase them as well!

Happy Shopping!!!

Raley's e-Coupons 8/12 - 8/18

E-Coupons for 8/12 - 8/18

Buy One Raley's Mayonnaise & Get One Raley's Tuna FREE

Buy One Raley's Pasta & Get One Raley's Tomatoes FREE

Buy TWO Van De Kamp Breaded Seafood items - Get a Golden Dip Cocktail or Tartar Sauce FREE

Buy any Raley's Cut Fruit - Get $0.50 off Raley's Diced Vegetables

$0.50 off Kraft Singles

$2.99 Nob Hill Trading Co. Bread (in bakery)

$3.99 Hormel Microwave Ready Bacon

$3.99 Chicken Strips (hot or cold) from Deli

Go HERE to print your e-coupons

Organic Spa Magazine - FREE

It's always fun to check out a new magazine... especially when you can do it for FREE!!!

Go HERE to get your FREE copy of Organic Spa Magazine.

*When you get the bill in the mail you can choose wither to keep the subscription or write cancel and mail back.

Thanks, Organic Deals!

Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal Coupon

Go HERE to print your $1.50 off Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal!

This could mean some FREE cereal with the right sale :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whole Foods 8/12 - 8/18

Here are this weeks sales - I'll be updating this as I find more sales in the store!

Organic Figs
reg. $4.99
Sale: $3.99

Organic Bartlett Pears
Reg. $2.99/lb
Sale: $1.99/lb

Field to Family - Whole Air-Chilled Fryer Chicken
Reg. $2.69/lb
Sale: $1.69/lb

Whole Center Cut Pork Loin, In the bag
reg. $5.99
Sale: $4.99
AND, they will custom cut & wrap it in portions for you... PRICELESS!

Florida Rock Shrimp, 70-90 per lb, peeled & deveined
reg. $10.99/lb
Sale: $9.99/lb

Dancing Coyote - Verdelho *white wine, pairs with seafood, chicken, pork or salads.
Reg. $11.99
Sale: $3.99

Annie's Homegrown Shells & Cheddar
reg. $1.99
Sale: 4/$5
- use (2) .75/2 coupon from HERE =$3.50/ .88 each

EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice Bars
Reg. $3.69
Sale: 2/$6
- use $1.50/2 coupon from HERE
- use (2) $1.00 off coupons from HERE = $2.50/2

Amy's Veggie Burgers
Reg. $5.79 - $6.49
Sale: 2/$8

Crystal Geyser Juice Squeezes
Reg. $1.79
Sale: 2/$3
- use (2) .50 off coupon from paper (sorry I don't which one) = $2/2

DJ's Seafood Sauces & Marinades
Reg. $3.99
Sale: B1G1 Free = $1.99 each wyb 2

Just Desserts - Mini Classic Cakes
Reg. $4.99
Sale: 2/$5

::Made In-House::

St. Louis Pork Ribs
2 Rib Snack - $2.99
Full Rack - $15.99

Chicken Caesar & Cobb Salads
Reg. $4.99 half - $7.99 full
Sale: $4.49 half - $6.99 full

Grilled Chicken Breast w/ Corn Salsa
Reg. $13.99/lb
Sale: $10.99/lb

Sockeye Salmon w/ Heirloom Tomato & Cucumber Salsa
Reg. $7.49
Sale: $6.49 ea


Shikai Hand & Body Lotion
Reg. $5.99
Sale: $3.99

See the EVERYDAY price coupon matches HERE

View the ad HERE

ONE DAY SALE: Stop in every Friday for Whole Foods special ONE-DAY SALE item!

Free Kashi

I think this is a GREAT idea and I just took a survey to get my FREE Kashi!

Sign into your account or register HERE, and sign up to do the Taste Tester Panel Survey under "my profile." You will do a short survey & fill in your information, a coupon for a FREE Kashi item will be mailed to you.

Enjoy your Kashi

Thanks, Thrifty Mama for reminding me about this!

Raley's Deals Aug 12th - 18th

Here are the deals at Raley's this week!

Yellow Peaches & Nectarines - .77/lb
Watermelon - .27/lb
Navel Oranges - $1.47/lb
Organic Personal Watermelons - .99/lb

Iceberg Lettuce - .57 each
Sweet Yellow Onions - .79/lb
Broccoli Crowns - .97/lb
Jalapeno Peppers or Tomatillos - .50/lb

Fresh Express & Ready Pack Salad Blends - 2/$4

*There aren't any really great deals on meat this week... hopefully Safeway will be better!

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts - $1.97/lb
Pork Loin Backribs - $2.79/lb
Fresh Steelhead Trout Fillets - $5.99/lb

Fresh Chicken Strips - $4.99/lb
- use e-coupon - $3.99/lb

Tyson Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken - $4.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from 8/2 SS = $3.99

BUY any 4 @ $1.49 each
- use .75 off coupon from HERE = .74 each

Kellogg's Crackers
- use $1.00 off (special K crackers) from HERE (use: 34608) = .49 each

Keebler Wheatables

BUY any 4 Kellogg's Cereals @ $1.49 each
Frosted Mini Wheats
- use $1.50/2 coupon from HERE = .74 each wyb 2

Morningstar Farm - $2.99
- use $1/2 coupon from 8/2 RP = $2.49 wyb 2

Egg Waffles - $1.99
Egg Nutri-Grain or Special K Waffels - $2.69

Kellogg's Pop Tarts - $1.79
- use .55 coupon from HERE = $1.25 each

Yogo's - $1.49 wyb 4
- use (4) .50 off coupons from HERE = .99 each

**Your Choice of products below, Buy 2/$5**

Mary Ellen Jam or Jelly
- use .75 off coupon from 7/26 RP = $1.75

Earth Grains Bread
- use .55 off coupon from 7/26 RP = $1.95

UPDATED: Kraft Singles
- use $1/2 coupon from 9/15 RP
- use $1/2 store coupon from HERE = $1 each wyb 2
AND for an even better deal
- if they will let you....
- use (2) .50 coupon from Raley's e-coupons = $.50 each wyb 2

Adams 100% Natural Peanut Butter
Home Pride Bread
Jell-O Pudding or Gelatin, 6-pack


Stoufers Lean Cuisine Entrees - 5/$10

Michelina's Lean Gourmet - .99 each
- use $1/5 coupon from HERE = $3.95/.79 each

Bryers Ice Cream Bars, Fruit Bars & Mrs. Fields' Cookie Sandwiches - $2.99 each

Popsicles or Fudgsicles - $2.99 each

Haagen Dazs Single Serve - .99 each
- use $1/3 coupon from HERE = .65 each wyb 3

Dannon Activia Yogurt 2/$4
- use (2) $1.oo off coupons from --- = 2/$2
THEN, send in THIS rebate for a FREE YoPlus Yogurt!

Raley's Chunk Cheese, 16 oz - $3.29

Laughing Cow Cheeses 2/$6
- use (2) $1.00 off Baby Bell coupon from 8/2 paper = 2/$4

Kraft Deli Sliced Cheeses - 2/$6
- use (2) $1.00 off coupons from HERE = 2/$4

Fillippo Olive Oil - $3.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE = $2.99
PLUS - get a FREE baguette from the bakery!

Wines Under $6
- Forest Ville & Poppy Cellars - $2.99 each
- Sutter Home Chardonnay - $3.99
- Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon - $4.99
- Smoking Loon, Pepperwood & Rex Goliath - $5.55 each

Vitamin Water & Smart Water - 10 for $10

12-packs of 7-UP - BUY 4 @ $2.99 each

Johnson & Johnson Band Aids - $1.50
- use $1.00 off coupon from 8/2 SS = .50

View the full ad HERE

::Natural Foods SALE::

Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries - 2/$5
- use (2) $1.00 off coupon from HERE = $3/2

Enviro Kids Cereal or Bars - 2/$5
- use (2) $1.00 off coupons from HERE = $3/2
*Whole Foods Sale 2/$6 -plus- stack store coupons!

Clif Bars - 10/$10
- use .50/2 off coupon from Mambo Sprouts Summer Coupon book = .75 each wyb 2

Annie's Mac & Cheese - 2/$3
*Whole Foods Sale 4/$5 -plus- store coupons!

Kettle Chips -

Barbara's Bakery Cereals 2/$5
*Everyday price at Whole Foods $3.49

Odwalla Quenchers $2.99 each (limit 4)

Kashi TLC Bars - 2/$6
- use $1/2 coupon from HERE = $2.50 each wyb 2

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies - $2.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE = $1.99

Brown Cow Yogurt, 6 0z - .69
- use .50/3 coupon from HERE = .52 each wyb 3

GT's Kombucha - 2/$5

So Delicious Coconut Milk - $3.49
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE = $2.49

For the full ad go HERE

New Raley's e-coupons will be available tomorrow, double check to make sure there aren't any deals you want to grab tonight! Then check back tomorrow to see the new coupons!

Heathy To Go Coupons Available

Go HERE to get your FREE coupons for Healthy To Go products.
*Be sure to type: KIWI SAMPLE in the Other source field

We've tried the Greens To Go before, they are pretty good!

Whole Foods Everyday Price Coupon Matches

Please help add to this list! Let me know of other everyday prices you find

Back to Nature Cookies - $3.69
- Use $1.00 coupon from Whole Deal July & HERE
- Use $1.00 coupon HERE
*Case Discount Price (six in a case): $1.32 each after coupons! *Thanks Thriftiest Vegan

Back to Nature Crackers - $2.99
- Use $1.00 coupon from Whole Deal July & HERE
- Use $1.00 coupon from HERE
.99 each
* Case Discount Price (six in a case): .69 each

Think Thin Bites - $1.69
- use $.50 off coupon from The Whole Deal June/July issue

Kashi Pizza's - $7.49
-use the $1.00 peelie on the box

Annie's Macaroni & Cheese - $1.99
- use $.75 off TWO (2) coupon from HERE
$1.62 each

365 Classic Potato Chips - $2.39
- use $1.00 off coupon from The Whole Deal June/July issue = $1.39

Barbara's Shredded Oats - $3.49
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE

Cascadian Farms Organic - Honey Clusters $4.99
use $1.00 off any TWO (2) peelie on front of box
use $1.00 off coupon HERE

365 Oranic - Organic Cereals - $2.99
use $1.00 off coupon from HERE = $1.99

Clif Kid ZBar (6ct box) - $3.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE = $2.99

Alexia Foods - $2.99 - $3.99
-use $1.00 off coupon from HERE
$1.99 - $2.99

Annie Chun's - $2.19 - $2.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE
.19 - .99 each

365 Organics, Soymilk - $1.69
- use $1.00 off any TWO (2) coupon from HERE
$1.19 each

365 Organics, Daily Multi Pack - $10.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE

Oikos Greek Yogurt, 5.3 oz. - $1.99
- use (2) $1.00 off coupon from HERE
- use .75/2 coupon from HERE = .62 each wyb 2

Oikos Greek Yogurt, 4-pack - $4.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE

Organic Valley Cheeses - $5.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE or HERE

Back to Nature, Granola - $2.99
- use $1.00 off coupon from HERE
- Use $1.00 coupon HERE
$0.99 each

Odwalla Bar - $1.19
- use $.20 off coupon from HERE

JOCALAT - $1.29
- use $.75 off any TWO (2) coupon from HERE
$.92 each

EnviroKidz Organic - $3.69
- use $1.50 off any TWO (2) coupon from HERE = $2.94 each
- use (2) $1.00 off coupons from HERE = $1.94 each wyb 2

***Let me know of other everyday price and coupon matches you find, I will tell everyone it came from you!

Tuesday TIPS!

Okay so I am starting...

Tuesday TIPS!

The whole idea behind Living WithIn the Limits was to share deals and strategies to live, like it says, within, the limits of your time and your money! There is no reason to over spend, go in debt, etc.... I've been there... it's no fun!

So today's TIP:

Clear out unwanted stuff!

Ask every member of your family to pick three to five items they no longer use or needs. Post them for sale on a free local bulletin board like:
- - good place for electronics
Sports equipment, baby clothing and accessories, furniture and gaming consoles typically sell well.
You can also donate your stuff to a charity and get a tax break; click on "Claim Your Deductions" and then "Valuation Guide for Material Donations" at to see how much you can deduct.

SAVE: $670 *the value of unused itmes in the average household - survey by Kijiji

We have personally have done all of these! We've posted items on and, because we had a room full of AV equipment we made a couple THOUSAND dollars!!! And we are still making on average $100 a month for items still trickling out!

For more "garage sale" type items we donated them to Salvation Army, and will use that on our tax deductions, every little bit helps! AND we didn't have to sit around all day bartering with people in our front yard doing a garage sale!

It's a great way to keep life simple and uncluttered & pay a bill or two!

*Let me know if you sell anything - How much are you making from the items sitting in your garage?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kmart Doubles -- August 16-22

Kmart will be doubling coupons next week... August 16th - 22nd.

Here are the rules:

- Total before coupons needs to be $25.00
- Coupon up to $2.00 will be doubled (you can use higher priced coupons, but they will not be doubled)
- Only 10 coupons will be doubled per day
- Only 4 of the same item my be purchased in one transaction.

* To see if your Kmart is participating email them.

If you are new to Kmart doubles, we've prepared a Shopping List for you with all the deals.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Ready.... Set....

Safeway Deals Ending Soon... Don't miss out!

These Safeway Deals are ending tomorrow... so make your list and get shopping!

Deals that have gotten even BETTER!

Super Price coupons: Minimum $20 purchase to use coupons (remember this is your BEFORE coupon total)

Skippy Peanut Butter $1.49 w/ in ad coupon- LIMIT 2
Use $1/2 from 8/2 RP
Use .60/2 from HERE (load on your Safeway Club Card)
Final Price: $1.38 for two

- OR -

Welches Grape Squeeze Jelly $1.49 w/ in ad coupon- LIMIT 2
Use .75 off coupon from HERE = .74

You can find the rest of the Safeway Deals HERE


Here are a few good coupons you won't want to miss out on!

Go HERE to print your coupons

.75 off Welches Jam, Jelly or Spread

$1.00 off Cascadian Farms Products (sold at Whole Foods)

$1.00 off any TWO Kashi TLC Chewy Bars

$1.50 off any TWO Kashi Cereals

Free Acne Solution from Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees Acne Solution

Today you can get a FREE sample HERE

I am going to try this, I have alot of friends who really like Burt's Bees skin care, so a FREE sample is the perfect way to try it out!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Raley's e-Coupons 8/9 - 8/11

New E-Coupons available for Raleys

Go HERE to print yours

24-pack Purified R Everyday Water - $2.99

2-Liter Pepsi - .78 each

30-pack Budweister, Miller, Coors or Tecate - $16.99

Hormel Sliced Bacon - $2.99

Ocean Spray Juice Coctail - $1.99
- Stack with $1.00 off coupon from Rice Crispy boxes = .99

Natural Seafood Fillets or Steaks - $5.99

3lb Raley's Deli Salad - $3.99

Fresh Garlic Bread - .99

Chips Ahoy or Ritz Crackers - $1.99