Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kmart Doubles Shopping List!

Kmart Doubles in August 16 - 22nd are you ready?

Well I am excited to bring to you, our first ever printable shopping list for Kmart Doubles Week!!!

*Click picture to open list*

Amy (Coupon Clippin Mama) and I have been working tirelessly to put this together for you, we hope it makes everyone's shopping trips easier.

The list is easy to understand. We have made categories (Baby, Food, Health & Beauty, Etc.) we have also color coded to find deals even easier!
Red: Free items
Blue: items under $1.00
Green: everything else
*Pleas keep in mind that some prices will vary by region, but they should be very close!

We will be updating the list throughout the week, so make sure and check back often. If we add any new items they will be marked NEW by them so that they are easy for you to find.
If you find anything that is incorrect on the list or if you find a product that is not yet on the list please contact us so that we can update it! Contact me, HERE or Amy, HERE.
TIP: You can bookmark the list, so that you don't actually have to print it until you head out shopping, especially because we will be updating it as we find more deals throughout the week!

Feel free to print and share this list with your friends. If you would like to share this list on your blog or website, all we ask for is a link back to us.

Also, make sure to stop back in often as we will sharing different deals & scenarios throughout the week. And as always, I'd love to see the deals that YOU are finding, so email me your shopping trips and I will showcase them as well!

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. My son wears 4t/5t pull ups and the jumbo packs @ $9.99 with 19 come to roughly .52 cents a pullup. The Mega packs come with 33 and even though they are intially more expensive @ $15.99 a pack come to roughly .48 cents a pull up so weather you have a $2 or less coupon it will still be doubled no matter what the price and the saving are greater with the Mega sz packs.

    Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in.
    Thanks for the list I can't wait for double coupon days at Kmart with the sales tax jumping to 9.75% in Ca I am trying to my hardest to say where and whenever I can.

  2. I was looking for the huggies flushable wipes coupon and can't seem to find it at that site is it gone or do I need to put a zip code in? Thanks.

  3. Erin - I've got the $9.99 pull ups on the list already, but I'll add the $15.99, so people know both prices, thanks.

    Also, it looks like that coupon is gone!! SAD.. BUT there will be a $2/2 coupon in this Sundays Smart Source insert! Thank you for pointing that out.

    - Angela

  4. i am so excited! this will be my first time doing doubles! woohoo!

  5. Maria,
    i'm excited too! let me know how you do!

    - Angela

  6. Thank you! I found you through TTM and I am going to link this up for my readers to come on over to your fabulous list! Thank you for putting this together!