Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday TIPS!

Okay so I am starting...

Tuesday TIPS!

The whole idea behind Living WithIn the Limits was to share deals and strategies to live, like it says, within, the limits of your time and your money! There is no reason to over spend, go in debt, etc.... I've been there... it's no fun!

So today's TIP:

Clear out unwanted stuff!

Ask every member of your family to pick three to five items they no longer use or needs. Post them for sale on a free local bulletin board like:
- CraigsList.com
- Kijiji.com
- Gazelle.com - good place for electronics
Sports equipment, baby clothing and accessories, furniture and gaming consoles typically sell well.
You can also donate your stuff to a charity and get a tax break; click on "Claim Your Deductions" and then "Valuation Guide for Material Donations" at goodwill.org to see how much you can deduct.

SAVE: $670 *the value of unused itmes in the average household - survey by Kijiji

We have personally have done all of these! We've posted items on CraigsList.com and Amazon.com, because we had a room full of AV equipment we made a couple THOUSAND dollars!!! And we are still making on average $100 a month for items still trickling out!

For more "garage sale" type items we donated them to Salvation Army, and will use that on our tax deductions, every little bit helps! AND we didn't have to sit around all day bartering with people in our front yard doing a garage sale!

It's a great way to keep life simple and uncluttered & pay a bill or two!

*Let me know if you sell anything - How much are you making from the items sitting in your garage?

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