Saturday, August 15, 2009

Safeway Trip

Here is my Safeway shopping trip.... I was so happy that they had a good sale on meats, we needed to re-stock!

Chicken Breasts .99/lb x 10 lbs = $9.90

Pork Roast .99/lb x 7 lbs = $6.93
*these are packaged as one HUGE piece of meat!
TIP: Ask someone in the meat department to cut the meat into smaller portions if you need them that way. I've done this at Safeway and at Raley's I had them cut a bone out of a roast!

Mission Tortilla Chips - $1.88

Cheerios (4) - 4/$6
Will use (4) $1 coupons from HERE to make it 4/$2 (.50 each)

*My Safeway isn't taking internet printable coupons for a week because they have been receiving so many fraudulent coupons! My cashier wrote a note on my receipt that I have coupons for my Cheerios and next week I have to bring in my receipt and coupons and they will reimburse me.
Has anyone else come across this in their stores?

I paid $24 and will get back $4 next week.

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