Friday, August 14, 2009

The Coupon Exchange

I wanted to introduce you to The Coupon Exchange, a Free online coupon exchange site.

- Do you only use half the coupons in the inserts each week?
- Do you feel bad throwing away all those great coupons you just won't use?
- Do you wish that you could get more of one coupon without having to PAY for them!?

I know that I can say yes to all of the above!

The Coupon Exchange has come up with the solution! After registering you start submitting your coupons, it's that easy.
Once you have your coupons entered, you can start "shopping" the other coupons posted. When you find one you like you comment on it and that Coupon Holder ships it to you!

It's so easy! And the greatest part... it's FREE!

What's the catch? It's an exchange... so if you want coupons you have to share coupons... but hey it's a fair trade.

One of my favorite features is LOOKING FOR.... you can post a coupon that you are looking for and everyone helps you find it!

Check it out for yourself at The Coupon Exchange


Happy Exchanging!

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