Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday TIPS!

Tuesday TIPS!

The whole idea behind Living WithIn the Limits was to share deals and strategies to live, like it says, within, the limits of your time and your money! There is no reason to over spend, go in debt, etc.... I've been there... it's no fun!

So today's TIP:

:: Create a Snack Basket ::

Buying bottled water, mints and snacks on the run can clear out the bank account!
Instead... purchase these items and store them in your car or in a basket on your counter top. Family can grab what they need on their way out the door!

Save: approx $30 per month!

Save even more money by getting FREE bottled water, gum, candy bars, snack bars etc!
We are stocked for waters, and other drinks that cost me at the most .20 each! (reg. $1.88) and breakfast & snack bars... perfect for little ones when errands are a must! My husband might roll his eyes when I walk in the door with arm-fulls of boxes of foods, BUT he's pretty happy when we have snacks all the time!

Here's most of our snacks - most of which were FREE btw! I also have my bottle water & other yummy drinks stashed away in another place!

*What snacks do you like to have?

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  1. Great tip!

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    I enjoyed visiting yours.Please stop by mine.