Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday TIPS!

Tuesday TIPS!

Clean out your Fridge!

At least once a week, take inventory. Designate half a shelf as "left-over central" so food doesn't get shoved to the back and spoil before you get to it.
Look for perishables nearing their expiration date and incorporate them into that nights menu. Not sure what to do with half head of broccoli? *I've got a great recipe! - see below.
*Also as things get low keep a list on the fridge of grocery items you need on your next shopping trip, makes it much easier come shopping time!

Save: $72 per month *the value of the food the average family throws out!!!

Here how my fridge gets organized:

Shelf 1: Drinks, packaged goods, sour cream, etc.
Shelf 2: yogurt, eggs, meats, left overs, etc
Drawer 1: Cheeses, lunch meats, bacon etc.
Shelf 3: Breads
Drawer 2: Produce - bell peppers, carrots, celery etc.
Drawer 3: Produce - mainly salad

This way I know right where to look! Nothing ever goes missing (well almost never) and I can tell when something is getting low.

So good luck getting that fridge organized and keep it clean!

Broccoli Stir Fry - Recipe to come later today!

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