Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kmart Doubles - Day 1

I got up early, updated the sales prices. I made my list, placed all the coupons I was going to use into an envelope (had an extra envelope for back-ups), loaded up the kids & hubby and off we went!

We got to the store around 9:30 and I couldn't believe how many women were there with their hand full of coupons running from isle to isle. I saw two fellow coupon-ers I had met before, it's fun to see familiar f
So needless to say... I am glad that I had figured out 3 different transactions and back-ups because I needed them! (I'm glad I have a few Kmarts in my area to shop)

Transaction #1 - me

Kingford Match Lite - $6.49
Scott Naturals - .89 each
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaners - FREE
KC Masterpiece - FREE
Trident Gum - FREE

I paid $9.16 - not great BUT now we have charcoal for BBQ tonight!

* I only used 8 coupons because the cashier wouldn't let me use two coupons on a B1G1 deal :( so sad! I would have had TWO lip glosses for FREE... I might try again at the other store, some checkers are nicer than others :)

Transaction #2 - my hubby

Axe Shower Gel - $1.29 each
Welch's Jelly - .50 each
Scotch Envelopes - FREE (we ship alot of books on Amazon so these are great to have!)

He paid: $6.68 (tax included)

::AND:: Got back -
- $2/2 - Axe Shower Gel coupon
- FREE Movie Ticket!

So now I need to round up a few more Axe coupons so I can get another FREE movie ticket and we've got ourselves a date night & my hubby will be smellin' good! ;)

Go HERE to see all coupon match- ups

Now it's YOUR turn! What did you score on Day One?

Here's what Telly got on her shopping trip:

Transaction #1:

Spent: $11.66 - Saving: $14.41

Free Items: 2 Ajax, Neutra Air Spray, Bic Triumph Pens, Pop-Up Tape Dispenser & Renuzit Spray
Received: $5 Catalina & $2 off Tide Coupon

Go HERE to see the rest of what Telly did!

Great job!

Okay, so you're next... what did YOU get?


  1. Hey! Thanks for the link! I was super excited to write my first EVER blog entry! Thanks for the list you two created. It helped me immensely! I was so surprised at eight am this morning to see many other women at Kmart with their big coupon binders :) You did a great job on your deals!!! Free movie tickets? Who doesn't love that!! :)

  2. P.S. I think my "savings" on my transactions are incorrect. I was confused how Kmart tallies them at the bottom.