Friday, May 21, 2010

COSTCO MEMBERS - Cheap 24 Hour Gym Membership!

How many of you out there have Costco memberships, or know someone who does? Well I just found a great deal!!!

TWO (2) YEAR membership to 24 Hour Fitness
for $299.99

I went into their gym the other night to find out the cost, it's normally $34 per mo. plus starting out your pay first & last months dues. At $299.99 that's only $12.50 a month!
What I LOVE is that you pay up front so you don't have to worry about your membership for 2 years!

:: You can purchase up to 4 memberships ::

This is exciting to me because my husband keeps asking for a gym membership but it's never really in the budget, but I think this we can do. Father's Day is coming up so I think this is going to be the gift! *it's a gift for me too ;)

To find out more go to and login.

If you are already a 24 Hour Fitness Member, or are going to be soon:

Three (3) 50 Minute Personal Training Sessions for only $79.99

Summer is going to be here SOON... time to get those bodies in shape! (and be healthy of course)

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